South American War
Behind the Scenes in the Fight for the Falklands

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By: Jeremy Brown
December 2013
Book Guild
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9781846249235
340 Pages, Illustrated
$39.95 Hardcover


Jeremy Brown was serving as Air Attache in Brazil when the Falklands War broke out in 1982. From this position, in a South American War, he provides a fresh perspective on the controversial hostilities and how they impacted on Argentina's neighbours and their relationships with Britain.

This book features enlightening interviews with eminent politicians, high-ranking members of the armed forces and diplomatic services (British and South American), Falkland Islanders and journalists. Their stories bring to life the realities of a brief but intense war, how it affected the rest of South America, and the actions of 'the other players' behind the scenes.