Dosage Calculations for Nurses

By June L. Olson, et al.
February 2010
Pearson Education
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9780132068840

293 pages, Illustrated
$37.50 Paper original

This comprehensive and easy-to-use guide for dosage calculations and drug administration is an excellent reference guide for nursing and healthcare professionals. Critical thinking case studies, practice tests, and exercises prepare students for real calculations so they can confidently calculate safe and accurate dosage levels

With a workbook style, comprehensive coverage and over 1,000 problems and answers, ‘Dosage Calculations for Nurses’ allows the student to work at their own pace in the areas where they feel need the most support.  


Unit 1  Basic Calculation Skills and Introduction to Medical Administration  

CHAPTER 1  Review of Arithmetic for Medical Dosage Calculations  

Short Diagnostic Test (level of comfort with numbers)  

Fundamental Skills for Calcualtions

Explaining Decimals and Fractions

Changing Decimal Numbers and Whole Numbers to Fractions  

Changing Fractions to Decimal Numbers  

Rounding Decimal Numbers  

Rounding Numbers (Up or Down)  

Multiplying and Dividing Decimal Numbers  

Multiplying and Dividing Fractions  

Complex Fractions  


Practice Sets  

Reflection Exercise


CHAPTER 2  Safe and Accurate Drug Administration  

The Drug Administration Process  

Who Administers Drugs?  

Six Rights of Medication Administration  

The Right Drug  

The Right Dose  

The Right Route  

The Right Time  

The Right Patient  

The Right Documentation  

Drug Prescriptions  

Medication Orders and Administration Records  

Prescription Forms  

Prescription Variations

Components of a Prescription Medication Administration Records  

Computerized Recordkeeping  

Drug Labels  

Drug Package Inserts  

Practice Sets  

CHAPTER 3  Changing Units of Measurement  

Introduction toUnits of measurment and Conversion  

The Mathematical Foundation Changing a Single Unit of Measurement to Another Single Unit of Measurement  

Simple Problems With Single Units of Measurement  

Complex Problems with Single Units of Measurement  

Changing One Rate to Another Rate  

Simple Problems With Rates  

Complex Problems With Rates  

Practice Sets  

CHAPTER 4  The Metric Measurement Systems  

The Metric System  

Liquid Volume Measurements  

Weight Measures  

Length Measures  

Shortcut for Converting Units in the Metric System

Measurements in the Imperial Measurements System  

Unit  2  Oral and Parenteral Medications  

CHAPTER 5  Calculating Oral Medication Doses  

Simple Problems  

Medication in Solid Form  

Medication in Liquid Form  

Medications Measured in Millimoles

Complex Problems  

Calculating Dosage by Body Weight  

Calculating Dosage by Body Surface Area  

BSA Formulas  


Case Study 5.1  

Practice Reading Labels  

Practice Sets  

CHAPTER 6  Syringes  

Parts of a Syringe  


Types of Syringes  

Measuring Insulin Doses  

Measuring a Single Dose of Insulin in an Insulin Syringe  

Measuring Two Types of Insulin in One Syringe  

Measuring Premixed Insulin  

Safety Syringes  

Case Study 6.1  153

Reflection on Practice

Practice Sets  157

CHAPTER 7  Solutions and Drug Strengths or Concentrations  

Determining the Strength of a Medication

Pure Drugs in Liquid Form  

Pure Drugs in Dry Form  

Determining the Amount of Pure Drug in a Given Amount of Solution  

Determining the Amount of Solution That Contains a Given Amount of Pure Drug  

Molar Solution and Molarity

Drugs Measured in Units

Case Study 7.1  183

Practice Sets

CHAPTER 8  Parenteral Medications  

Parenteral Medications  

Parenteral Medications Supplied as Liquids  

Parenteral Medications Supplied in Powdered Form  


Case Study 8.1  

Practice Sets  

Unit 3  Infusions and Paediatric Dosages  

CHAPTER 9  Calculating Flow Rates and Durations of Enteral  and Intravenous Infusions  

Introduction to Intravenous and Enteral Solutions  

Enteral Feedings  

Intravenous Infusions  

Intravenous Solutions  

Equipment for IV Infusions  

Infusion Pumps  

Calculating the Flow Rate of Infusions  

Calculating the Duration of Flow for IV and Enteral Solutions  

Case Study 9.1  

Practice Sets

CHAPTER 10  Calculating Flow Rates for Intravenous Medications  

Intravenous Administration of Medications  

Secondary Intravenous Infusion Lines  

Calculating Flow Rates Based on Body Weight  

Titrating Medications  

Calculating Flow Rates Based on Body Surface Area  

Case Study 10.1  

Practice Sets  

CHAPTER 11  Calculating Paediatric Dosages  

Safe Paediatric Drug Dosages  

Administration of Oral and Parenteral Medications  

Oral Medications  

Parenteral Medications  

Calculating Drug Dosages by Body Weight  

Calculating Drug Dosages by Body Surface Area  

Administration of Intravenous Medications Using a Volume Control Chamber  

Calculating Daily Fluid Maintenance  

Case Study 11.1  

Practice Sets  

Comprehensive Self-Tests  


Appendix A  Answer Section  

Appendix B  Common Abbreviations Used in Medical Documentation  

Appendix C  Summary of Units of Measurement in  

Appendix E  Tables of Weight Conversions  

Appendix F  Ratio and Proportion Method for Dosage Calculation  


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