Themes to Inspire Vol. 2

By Steve Clarke
June 2012
Hodder Education
Distributed by the Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9781444122084
96 Pages, Illustrated
$39.50 Paper original

InspiRE is the first Key Stage 3 course that lets you to teach RE both thematically, and/or, by religion, giving you the flexibility to deliver lessons however you want.

InspiRE comprises two parallel sets of books: Themes to Inspire, three books, one for each year of KS3, that cover the National Curriculum programme of study through an exploration of thematic issues and concepts; and Religions to Inspire, seven 'by religion' books that exemplify the themes and expands them from the points of view of the major religions of Great Britain. The flexibility and customisation that this approach offers teachers and syllabus designers is unique.

Themes to Inspire 2, the second book in the series, explores concepts like: 'Is there a purpose to life?' 'How do people celebrate?' 'Do humans have rights?' and 'Are we responsible for planet Earth?'

Key features:
- Engaging pupil-centred activities incorporate assessment for learning (AFL) and personal learning and thinking skills (PLTS), providing complete and comprehensive coverage of the programme of study for religious education. 
- Offering clear differentiation with levelled activities referenced against the eight-level scale. These allow pupils to work at their level and understand see what they have to do to progress, along with extension activities to challenge more able pupils. 
- The 'Big Assignment' at the end of each section provides teachers with formative assessment opportunities. 
- Provides guidance and support for teachers in the Teacher's Resource Book to help you plan, teach and assess learning. 
- Features engaging and integrated ICT resources with lessons delivered through our digital platform, Dynamic Learning.

Table of Contents: 
Section 1
Expressions of faith
1.1 Why do religions have special books?
1.2 What is worship?
1.3 How do people celebrate?
1.4 Why do some people fast?
1.5 How is life like a journey?
1.6 How do people celebrate the birth of a baby?
1.7 Is marriage important?
1.8 How do people respond to death?
The big assignment
Section 2
Beliefs and teachings about meaning and purpose
2.1 Are religion and science in conflict?
2.2 Where did life come from?
2.3 What do religious people think about evolution?
2.4 Are humans special?
2.5 Is there a purpose to life?
2.6 What is death?
2.7 What is the soul?
2.8 What is reincarnation?
The big assignment
Section 3
Ethics and values
3.1 Do humans have rights?
3.2 Are there religious rights?
3.3 Why are people punished?
3.4 What is capital punishment?
3.5 How can people defend their rights?
3.6 Do animals have rights?
3.7 Are we responsible for planet Earth?
3.8 Are rich people responsible for the poor?
The big assignment


Dynamic Learning


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