Understanding Computer Science
for Advanced Level

The Study Guide
(Advanced High School; College Introductory Material)

By Ray Bradley
November 2001
Nelson Thornes, UK
ISBN: 0748761470
286 pages, Illustrated, 7 5/8 x 10 5/8"
$34.95 paper original

This is a quick learning study guide to 66 computer science topics, including: Data, information & coding. Image, sound & analogue data. Microprocessors. Programming. Communication basics. Networking basics. Operating systems. Input/Output. Storage & tape systems. Security & integrity of data. Back up & file maintenance. Databases. Development & debugging. Data structures. Searching & sorting. Recursion. Tree structures. High-level language concepts. Machine code & assembly language. Advanced databases. Relational databases. System implementation. Web site organization. Search engines & browsers. Internet issues. Networking basics, devices, media, topologies. Embedded systems & data logging. Questions, answers, worked examples.

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