Residential Versus Community Care

The Role of Institutions in Welfare Provision

Edited by Raymond Jack
January 1998
McMillan UK
ISBN: 033366518X
240 pages, illustrated
$49.50 paper original

The role of residential care in welfare provision has been debated for many years. Recent emphasis on care in the community has led to closure of hospitals and residential homes on a massive scale. Drawing together contributions from some key names in the field, this provocative and stimulating book questions the reasons for the rejection of this form of care and offers a reassessment of its role in community care for the twenty-first century.

Notes on Contributors -Introduction; R.Jack - Institutions in Community Care: a Reassessment for the Twenty-First Century; R.Jack - Closing Psychiatric Hospitals: Some Lessons from the TAPS Project; N.Trieman & J.Leff - Punishment in the Community and the Future of Prison; G.Mantle - Shelter with Care and the Community Care Reforms: Notes on the Evolution of Essential Species; B.Davies - The Monastic Tradition and Community Care; D.Brandon - Respite Care in Homes and Hospitals; E.Levin & J.Moriarty - 'We Need the Bed': Continuing Care and Community Care; K.Jones - Death and Dying in Residential Homes for Older People; Y.Shemmings - Long-Term Care: Is there still a Role for Nursing?; S.J.Redfern - When and How Institutions Do Work: the Caring in Homes Initiative; L.Kellaher - Why and When Institutions Do Not Work: 'Sans Everything' Revisited; M.Eastman - The Future of Residential Care: A Personal View; R.Clough, O.B.E. - References- Index

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