European Union, 7th Edition

Economics & Policies

By Ali M. El-Agraa
March 2004
Financial Times / Prentice Hall
ISBN: 0273679996
590 pages, Illustrated, 7 " x 9 "
$82.50 Paper Original

The expertise of nineteen recognized authorities has been brought together in this cohesive text which has been skillfully edited to offer a complete guide to the economics and policies of the EU. The book's logical structure makes navigation through the background, theory and impact of EU integration easy, and chapters include extensive coverage of all major recent developments such as the ratification of the Nice Treaty and the Future Convention.

The European Union is designed for readers from all disciplines studying the EU, its economics and policies, and the effects of economic integration. Its wealth of information, detail and analysis has ensured that previous editions have been read by students, researchers and professional policymakers alike.

Key features: Presents the reader with a comprehensive introduction and background to the economics and policies of the EU, Covers the theory, measurement and analysis of policies for economic integration, Assesses the benefits and problems of international economic integration, Covers of all major EU policies, Analyses the expected further enlargement of the EU and its future developments.

New to this edition: A full chapter on the operation of the euro, Two new chapters on the EMU and the euro, The Convention for the Future of Europe and the ratification of the Nice Treaty are covered throughout the text.

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