Snapshots of History

By Nicholas Moore & Sidney Weiland
October 2000
Pearson Education
ISBN: 1903684013
192 pages, Illustrated
$72.50 Hardcover

Frontlines: Snapshots of History is an inspired compilation of first-hand accounts of the events and individuals that have shaped and shaken our world. Think of the major news stories of the postwar era. Think of the places: the D-Day beaches, Everest, Vietnam, Hollywood, Berlin, and Tiananmen Square. Reuters journalists were there. Think of the personalities of the last sixty years: Nelson Mandela, Jackie Kennedy, Che Guevara, Idi Imin, Charles de Gaulle, Ayatollah Khomeini, and Margaret Thatcher.

Reuters journalists met them. Frontlines relates the personal stories of those correspondents who have found themselves in the most remarkable situations. What was it really like to tread on Chairman Mao s toes, meet Elvis, or report ringside from a Muhammed Ali fight? How does it feel when, in the turmoil of post-colonial Africa, you hear someone being executed outside your prison cell, or when, reporting on the war in Yugoslavia, your jeep is taken out by a landmine? Written by award-winning Reuters journalists - many of whom have gone on to achieve celebrity status - and supported by breathtaking photography, Frontlines offers eyewitness accounts of the stories behind the pictures the world has seen, as well as providing a fascinating insight into the life of a foreign correspondent.

Nicholas Moore was born in 1941 and spent his childhood in Africa. He joined Reuters as a trainee from Cambridge University in 1964 and reported from Pakistan, East Africa - where he covered the 1971 coup in which Idi Amin took power in Uganda - and the Lebanon, before becoming oil correspondent in 1980. He led a Reuters reporting team that in 1982 won the Prix Bernard J. Cabanes for covering the OPEC cartel. During the 1980s, based in Cairo, he was a roving correspondent in the Middle East before he returned to oil at the end of the decade. He retired as training editor in 2000.

Sidney Weiland started working as a journalist for provincial newspapers in 1945, aged 17. He joined Reuters in 1949, covered various events in Eastern Europe and was appointed as a correspondent in Moscow in 1953. He did two tours in Moscow, interspersed with assignments in Yugoslavia, India, Washington and New York, and spent eight years in Vienna as Eastern Europe correspondent. He was Reuters diplomatic editor from 1980 to 1986. After retirement, owing to ill health, he established East European media training courses for the Reuters Foundation and later taught diplomatic journalism at City University, London. Sidney Weiland died in 1999.

"This is eye witness history but something more -- a personal group portrait by brave and committed journalists."
Richard Holbrooke, former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations

"If you are a news junkie, journalist, or just someone who likes to know the behind-the-scenes detail, this book will be a favorite in your library for many years to come. " Barnes &

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