Mechanics of Flight, 12th edition

By A.C. Kermode
December 2012
Pearson Education
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9780273773511
502 pages, Illustrated
$110.00 paper original 

Mechanics of Flight is an ideal introduction to the basic principles of flight for students embarking on courses in aerospace engineering, student pilots, apprentices in the industry and anyone who is simply interested in aircraft and space flight. Written in a straightforward and jargon-free style, this popular classic text makes the fascinating topic of aircraft flight engaging and easy to understand.

Starting with an overview of the relevant aspects of mechanics, the book goes on to cover topics such as air and airflow, aerofoils, thrust, level flight, gliding, landing, performance, manoeuvres, stability and control. Important aspects of these topics are illustrated by a description of a trial flight in a light aircraft. The book also deals with flight at transonic and supersonic speeds, and finally orbital and space flight.


Preface to Twelfth Edition


Chapter 1 Mechanics

Chapter 2 Air and airflow – subsonic speeds

Chapter 3 Aerofoils – subsonic speeds

Chapter 4 Thrust

Chapter 5 Level flight

Chapter 6 Gliding, landing and low-speed flight

Chapter 7 Take-Off and Climb

Chapter 8 Manoeuvres

Chapter 9 Stability and control

Chapter 10 A trial flight

Chapter 11 Flight at transonic speeds

Chapter 12 Flight at supersonic speeds

Chapter 13 Space flight


1 Aerofoil data

2 Scale effect and Reynolds Number

3 Numerical questions

4 Answers to numerical questions

5 Answers to non-numerical questions



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