Exercise Physiology for Health & Sports Performance

By Nick Draper & Helen Marshall
February 2013
Pearson Education
Distrubuted by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9780273778721
552 pages, Illustrated
$87.50 Paper Original

Exercise Physiology for Health and Sports Performancebrings together all the essential human anatomy and applied physiology that students of exercise science, physical education and sports coaching need to know.

Written in a friendly, accessible style and containing a wide range of features to help develop understanding, this book provides a complete one-stop-shop for exercise physiology.

Unlike other texts, this book is split into two key parts: the first introduces the fundamental principles of nutrition, biochemistry, cell biology, and the control, movement and transport energy systems; the second builds on this foundation by applying the theory to exercise and sports performance in practice. With this innovative approach, the text enables students to become confident in their understanding of energy generation and training principles for all sports of varying intensities and durations.

Also covers exercise in extreme environments and the applications of physical activities for health. This is the only exercise physiology textbook students will need!



Author Acknowledgements



Chapter 1: Exercise physiology, sport and pedagogy: An historical perspective

Chapter 2: Nutrition for health and sports performance

Chapter 3: From cells to systems

Chapter 4: The control systems: nervous and endocrine

Chapter 5: The movement systems: skeletal and muscular

Chapter 6: The transport and exchange systems: respiratory and cardiovascular

Chapter 7: Physical and functional growth and development


Chapter 8: General concepts for applied exercise physiology

Chapter 9: Power and power endurance: The explosive sports

Chapter 10: Anaerobic endurance: The speed endurance sports

Chapter 11: High intensity aerobic endurance sports

Chapter 12: Lower intensity aerobic endurance sports

Chapter 13: Intermittent sports

Chapter 14: Applied exercise physiology and health

Chapter 15: Applied exercise physiology and the environment

Appendix A: Movement terms

Appendix B: Gas conversion correction table

List of Abbreviations



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