Lost & Found
The Search For My Family

By Stephen Richardson
July 2001
Book Guild, UK
ISBN: 1-85776-513-3
110 pages, illustrated
$27.50 hardcover

Stephen Richardson had always known he was adopted, and the fact did not concern him; it was only in his fifties that he began searching for his biological parents and relatives. Initially he used official records as a source of clues about his family, and this led to meetings with government officials, a change meeting with an avid genealogist, and an art dealer who put him in touch with a biological aunt. The search then led to other members of his biological family and enabled him to put together a history of his birth mother and her family. But there was still little known about his father, and why did his aunts hint at secrets not to be revealed? The search reads like a detective story, but without a murder. As well as being intriguing read in its own right, Lost and Found has valuable information for anyone seeking to find out more about their families. Includes 18 black and white photographs.

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