Brilliant Head Teacher

By Iain Erskine
May 2011
Pearson Education
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9780273735946
212 pages
$37 .50 paper original

Take the next step in your career with confidence as Iain Erskine explores the qualities and skills required to shine in the role of Headteacher, what leading, organising and managing a school really involves and how you can work with others to achieve those goals.

Brilliant Headteacher is a reference book with a difference – a friendly and accessible read with insightful guidance based on day-to-day experience in the role, leaving you knowing that leading your school and becoming a brilliant Head is both an achievable goal and a rewarding career choice.



Chapter 1 – So what makes a successful Headteacher?

Chapter 2 – Becoming a Headteacher

Chapter 3 – Leading a school

Chapter 4 - Managing a school

Chapter 5 – Challenging situations

Chapter 6 – Working with parents and governors

Chapter 7 – Self-evaluation, the SDP, the budget and monitoring standards

Chapter 8 – A diverse job

Chapter 9 - Ofsted

Chapter 10 – Preparing for an uncertain future

Chapter 11 - The best job in the world

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