Reign of Mary I
2nd edition

By Robert Tittler
July 1991
Pearson Education / Longman
ISBN: 0582061075
128 pages
$36.50 Paper original

In this study, Robert Tittler, an expert in Marian research, provides an important reappraisal of Mary's reign - often written off as a failure. He considers whether her reign can be so easily dismissed as an unproductive interruption of the Tudor dynasty, or whether Mary's reign played a more distinctive part in this period of history.

Part One: The Background.
1. The Apprenticeship of Mary Tudor.
2. The Condition of England.

Part Two: Analysis.
3. The Accession of Mary Tudor.
4. The Spanish Match.
5. Religion: The Catholic Restoration.
6. For and Against the Regime: The Battle of Words.
7. Economic and Social Issues.
8. Myths and Realities in Foreign Affairs.

Part three: Assessment:
9. The Efficacy of Marian. Government.
10. Mary's Reign in English History.
Part four:: Documents. Glossary. Bibliography. Index.

* core of the text is devoted to religion and the Catholic restoration, foreign affairs and administration
* author is an expert on the mid-Tudor period

'A highly competent survey of the way government functioned in the sixteenth century, which emphasizes the role of institutions and the development of policy . . . the chapter on the propaganda battles of the reign is a valuable introduction to a complicated subject.'
History Today (on first edition)

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