Governance & Environment
in Western Europe
Politics, Policy & Administration

By Kenneth Hanf & Alf-Inge Jansen
Oct 1998
Pearson Education
ISBN: 0582368200
344 pages
$77.50 Paper original


Governance and Environment in Western Europe: Politics, Policy and Administration, provides an up-to-date overview of developments in this area focusing on a selection of ten countries in Western Europe and the European Union. The countries examined are: Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, The Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

The range of countries covered - representing as they do different stages of development in environmental policy, different state and institutional traditions - provides an interesting comparative analysis of how different countries confronting similar problems of environmental management have responded politically and (re)organized their administrative systems for implementing these policies.

1. Environmental policy - the outcome of strategic action and institutional characteristics - Kenneth Hanf and Alf-Inge Jansen.
2. Britain: Coming to terms with sustainable development? - Neil Carter and Philip Lowe.
3. Denmark: Consensus seeking and decentralization - Mikael Skou Anderson, Peter Munk Christiansen and Soren Winter.
4. France: Fragmented administration and consensual implementation - Corrine Larrue and Lucien Chagason.
5. Germany: The engine in European environmental policy - Heinrich Pehle and Alf-Inge Jansen.
6. Greece: administrative symbols and policy realities - Calliope Spanou.
7. Italy: Environmental policy in a fragmented state - Rudolf Lewanski.
8. The Netherlands: Joint regulation and sustainable development - Kenneth Hanf and Egbert van der Gronden.
9. Norway: Balancing environmental quality and interest in oil - Alf-Inge Jansen and Per Kristen Mydske.
10. Spain: Environmental policy and public administration. A marriage of convenience officiated by the public? - Nuria Font and Francesc Morata.
11. Sweden: From environmental restoration to ecological modernization - Lennart J. Lundqvist.
12. The European Union: Environmental policy and the prospects for sustainable development - Alan Butt Philip.
13. Environmental challenges and institutional changes. An interpretation of the development of environmental policy in Western Europe - Alf-Inge Jansen, Oddgeir Osland and Kenneth Hanf.

" Written by a team of internationally recognized contributors.
" Includes a separate chapter on EU environmental policy and explores the impact of the EU on policy and structural developments within the ten countries examined.
" Adopts a comparative approach to the study and development of environmental policies, and the strategies to deal with environmental problems, including an analysis of administration, power and authority within each country.
" Presents country studies according to a common analytical framework.
" Examines the links between governance and their environmental policies.

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