Introduction to Qualitative Methods in Psychology, 2nd edition


By: Dennis Howitt
February 2016
Pearson Education
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9781292001012
576 Pages
$92.50 Paper original


This second edition of Dennis Howitt’s Introduction to Qualitative Methods in Psychology provides a wealth of practical and theoretical advice which has made it such a trusted and valuable resource for students. 

Clear explanations and examples take you through qualitative research from data collection to analysis, and dedicated sections offer guidance on ethics, quality and report writing. Methods are broken down to give step-by-step practical advice and guidance, making sure that you understand the theory and can carry out your own research. 

All of this is achieved while providing a thorough theoretical and historical context for the various methods.


Part 1 Background to qualitative methods in psychology

1 What is qualitative research in psychology and was it really hidden?

2 How qualitative methods developed in psychology: the qualitative revolutiom

Part 2 Qualitative data collection

3 Qualitative interviewing

4 Focus groups

5 Ethnography/participant observation

Part 3 Qualitative data analysis

6 Data transcription methods

7 Thematic analysis

8 Qualitative data analysis: grounded theory development

9 Discourse analysis

10 Conversation analysis

11 Phenomenology

12 Interpretative phenomenological analysis (IPA)

13 Narrative analysis

Part 4 Planning and writing up qualitative research

14 Writing a qualitative report

15 Ensuring quality in qualitative research

16 Ethics and data management in qualitative research