Truth About Getting Things Done

By Mark Fitz
August 2011
Pearson Education
Distrubuted by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9780273770008
176 pages
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Part I The Truth About Success and Focus

TRUTH 1 – It’s not about getting things done, it’s about success

TRUTH 2 – The why needs to be greater than the how

TRUTH 3 – You need to believe it in order to achieve it

TRUTH 4 – It's focus management, not time management

TRUTH 5 – If everything is important, then nothing is important

TRUTH 6 – Your clarity of focus drives the action you want

Part II The Truth About Goals and Outcomes

TRUTH 7 – Goals make your life self–directed

TRUTH 8 – Life is about the journey and the destination

TRUTH 9 – You accomplish more with an outcome focus

Part III The Truth About Beliefs and Character

TRUTH 10 – Nothing is stopping you but you

TRUTH 11 – Your past does not have to equal your future

TRUTH 12 – The size of your beliefs determines the size of your achievements

TRUTH 13 – Your attitude is really your window to the world

Part IV The Truth About Thinking and Planning

TRUTH 14 – All actions begin in your thoughts first

TRUTH 15 – Positive thinking pushes out negative thinking

TRUTH 16 – What you learn only has power when put into action

TRUTH 17 – Be proactive, not reactive, by thinking ahead

TRUTH 18 – Planning drives faster decisions and action

Part V The Truth About Discipline and Habits

TRUTH 19 – You can’t wait for the inspiration to take action

TRUTH 20 – What you do today creates your future

TRUTH 21 – Discipline is doing what's necessary, when it is necessary

TRUTH 22 – You create your habits and your habits create you

TRUTH 23 – That little bit extra makes a huge difference

TRUTH 24 – People really don't fail, they just stop taking action

TRUTH 25 – It is easier to create a new habit than break an old one

Part VI The Truth About Relationships and Communication

TRUTH 26 – You achieve better rapport by adapting your approach to others

TRUTH 27 – Remove the emotions first and then discuss the facts

TRUTH 28 – You are in "sales", as you are always selling your ideas to others

TRUTH 29 – Questions have more power than answers

TRUTH 30 – Stories and examples make the emotional link faster

TRUTH 31 – Match communication styles for a quicker response

TRUTH 32 – Listening enables better communication than talking

Part VII The Truth About Teamwork and Follow–up

TRUTH 33 – No one creates success by themselves

TRUTH 34 – You attract help from others by keeping your commitments

TRUTH 35 – Trust is the fuel for productive teamwork

TRUTH 36 – You get the behaviours that you reinforce

Part VIII The Truth About Potential and Excellence

TRUTH 37 – You can't see the picture when you are in the frame

TRUTH 38 – Growth comes when you are comfortable being uncomfortable

TRUTH 39 – Comparing yourself to others limits your growth

TRUTH 40 – Surround yourself with the right people to fuel your growth

TRUTH 41 – Pride in what you do creates excellence in what you do

Part IX The Truth About Doing the Uncommon

TRUTH 42 – It is all about making common sense common practice


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