Think Right, Eat Right, Move Right


By: Mary Perigoe
November 2014
Book Guild
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9781909984301
247 Pages, Illustrated
$39.50 Hardcover


Incredibly healthy and active at 85, health and lifestyle guru Mary Perigoe shares her tips for maintaining vitality of body and mind well into old age. Featuring a foreword by Susan Hampshire, the book follows Mary's personal quest for whole health - mental, physical and spiritual - that took her beyond the confines of conventional medicine and religion, and includes instances of help that she believes came from the spiritual world and is available to us all, day by day as well as in times of crisis.

Mary shares mistakes made and lessons learned in her early years, so that readers can see how she overcame her problems, found a fulfilling career as a natural health practitioner and, above all, a belief system that answered all her questions about life's apparent inequalities. From Mary's lifetime of helping her clients achieve physical and emotional wellbeing, she will help you understand the principles of whole health, as formulated by the Ancient Greeks, and take you through many practical exercises designed to improve posture, overcome emotional insecurity, delay the ageing process... and much more.