Campaigining Face to Face

By Hugh Jones
October 2007
Distributed By Trans-Atlantic Publications, Inc.
Book Guild
ISBN: 9781846241758
386 Pages, Illustrated
$38.95 Hardcover

Sir Hugh Jones has led an outstanding career as a diplomat, campaigner and voluntary-sector administrator. Campaigning Face to Face traces his career from 1973 to the present day.

Initially distinguishing himself at the prestigious (but floundering) educational charity the English-Speaking Union, in 1977 Sir Hugh Jones was appointed Secretary General of the Liberal Party. Sir Hugh Jones provides a perceptive, clear-headed analysis of the most turbulent periods in the party's history, with behind-the-scenes accounts of the Lib-Lab Pact and the Liberal/ Social Democratic Alliance as well as candid portraits of the key players.

There are accounts, too, of the saving of Avebury village in the late 1980s, and of lecturing in the USA on East-West relations in the Reagan era. Told with grace, wit and intelligence, this memoir is both an important historical document and an engaging self-portrait.

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