God is Never Late...
But Never Early Either!
Reassurance for Humanity
From Another Dimension

By Ian Graham, with White Bull
November 2000
Tagman UK
ISBN: 1903571022 hardcover $41.95
ISBN: 1903571014 paper $22.95
144 pages

"I am happy to say that it is the purest, most beautiful information I have read since reading the works of Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer. There is so much out there in the written form that is very confusing and in contrast with each other, that it is about time to show the world what the difference is between a truthful channeling, coming from Love, and one that is not. A great book for all levels of spiritual growth and developent." -- Magdel Shackleton, Editor, Channelings Magazine

"Deftly pinpointing our wounds, illusions and stumbling blocks, White Bull heals them with humour and kindness, saying many things that urgently needed to be said at this precise point in time. His teachings should help bring the wave of spiritual questing currently sweeping the world to a new level of awareness, positivity and power." --Cygnus Review, Feb 2001

"The best book of its kind that I have ever read." Julia Bland, President, College of Psychic Studies, London

"Imagine a source of guidance and spiritual healing which would take you beyond dogma towards a universal and genuine peace of mind. You can encounter this kind of balm of Gilead in the pages of 'God Is Never Late', channeled by Ian Graham. Don't miss it!" -- Millenium Art Gallery Webzine, Vancouver

"Anyone who reads this book will be enriched by it. The timeless wisdom of White Bull shines from these delightful pages as brilliantly as his sparkling humour, leaving the reader glowing in the light of his unconditional love and illuminated by a greater understanding of spiritual evolution." -- Submitted to www.amazon.co.uk by a reader from Switzerland

A great wave of inspired spiritual writing is currently sweeping across the English-speaking world, producing fundamental changes in our understanding of ourselves and the universe in which we exist. God Is Never Late, an extraordinary collection of channelled commentaries given to Ian Graham by a spiritual entity calling himself 'White Bull', now enters on the crest of this wave.

'This book has come into being through grace and magic', says the author. 'As White Bull might have said, "God's fingerprints are all over it"'. These writings discuss karma, human sexuality and our relationships with other worlds, spiritual guides and other lives. White Bull also addresses a wide array of pressing contemporary global issues - from AIDS and the 'greenhouse effect' to the conflict between conventional and complimentary medicine and the reasons for the recent worldwide increase in natural disasters. At another level the book offers answers to acutely personal questions: 'Why am I here?'... 'Why did I choose my family?'...'How can I know what information to trust?'...'Why does the spiritual path have to be so difficult at times?'.

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