Supreme Paradox
A Book for the Third Millennium

By Jonathan Sage
November 2001
The Book Guild Ltd.
ISBN: 1-85776-439-0
152 pages, illustrated
$31.95 hardcover

At significant times in history, a book is written which captures the spirit of the age and gives new meaning to our lives and our hopes for the future. This is such a book. Drawing on material gleaned from some of the greatest works of many of the greatest minds of the last two millennia, the authors uncovers a common theme which runs through them all… consciousness. It is a concept that transcends the divisive and destructive elements in human nature, embracing harmony and reconciliation, defying all the prophecies of doom and gloom, and disclosing the real purpose to the world. This book distills the wisdom of the last two millennia as we enter the gateway to the third.

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