Essential Guide to Tackling Bullying

By Michele Elliott
September 2011
Pearson Education
Distrubuted by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9781408264836
219 pages
$44.50 Paper Original

What can you do to reduce the impact of bullying at your school and create a safer learning environment?

The Essential Guide to Tackling Bullying arms you with the knowledge, skills and strategies needed to confront and prevent the growing problem of bullying in the 21st century. Michele Elliott, founder of the children’s charity Kidscape, provides practical strategies for reducing bullying in your classroom and at your school, along with tried and tested ideas for handling bullying when it does arise.

Using case studies, real-life examples and up-to-date research, this is the guide you need to support both victims and bullies in your care and create a more positive environment for learning.


1 Bullying Overview

2 How to Discourage Bullying

3 Teachers are Key

4 Cyberbullying

5 Bullying and the Under Fives

6 A Primary School Approach

7 Positive Behaviour in Junior Schools

8 Bullying in Secondary School

9 Helping Victims

10 Helping Bullies

11 Working with Parents

12 Peer Mentoring

13 Practical Strategies

14 Whole School Approach

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