Yank in the Village
Thoughts About Life In & Out of England from a Former
Brooklyn Girl Who Once Wished She was Jane Eyre

By Linda Lewandowski
Foreword by Earl Spencer
September 2001
The Book Guild, UK
ISBN: 1857765680
180 Pages, illustrated
$31.95 Hardcover

New York native Linda Lewandowski moved to a small English village in 1995, where she wrote a weekly column, entitled "A Yank in the Village" for the community newsletter, in which she described her observations of English and American life, the differences and similarities --with humor, candor and vulnerability. This book provides a collection of her essays with illustrations.

Earl Spencer writes in his foreword..."keenly observant, yet never cruel or critical, intelligently perceptive, but not arrogant or condescending; richly humorous, while still self-effacing and accepting --these are glorious vignettes, weaving the familiar with the less obvious to make a deeply satisfying whole. Each chapter is a fascinating ..."

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