Economics, 5th Edition
Student Workbook & Reader

By John Sloman & Mark Sutcliffe
May 2003
Financial Times / Prentice Hall
ISBN: 0273658646
384 Pages, Illustrated, 7 " x 10 "
$57.50 Paper Original


This comprehensive Economics Student Workbook and Reader, designed to accompany Economics, Fourth edition, by John Sloman, has become a best seller in its own right and is used widely by students and tutors throughout the UK, Europe and South-East Asia. Its unique approach of combining in one book a comprehensive set of questions of various types with articles from newspapers and journals, makes it an invaluable guide for any student of economics, as well as a useful teaching aid for tutors.

Economics Students Workbook and Reader allows students to experience a more interactive approach to the study of economics, applying the theories, working through the problems, analyzing data, examining and discussing case studies, and gathering information from a variety of sources. There are over 1500 questions and assignments, with worked answers for all review questions and problems.

There are also numerous recent newspaper and journal articles, many serving as case studies to illustrate theory or discuss particular economic problems or policies. Economics Student Workbook and Reader Fourth edition, will be an indispensable tool for students looking to better their understanding of core economics concepts through self-study or as part of a seminar or tutorial component to their introductory course.

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