Black Arabian Foal

By Ingrid Fabian
October 2011
Book Guild
ISBN: 9781846245305
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
53 pages, Illustrated
$15.95 Paper original

What would it be like to be a foal? There's so much to learn about the world: What kind of grass is good to eat? Is it safe to leave Mum's side? How can we avoid the biting flies on a summer's morning? Are the neighbours friendly? Would they like to play? Tamin is a beautiful little black Arabian foal, born on his owner's farm in France. He doesn't know it yet, but great adventures are in store for him: a new friend, a long journey, and a future in the show ring and the dressage arena. This book is the story of his early life. Ingrid Fabian knows Tamin very well indeed because he is her own foal, and his story is her story too.



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