Love & Death in Vienna
The Story of Crown Prince Rudolf of Austria & Baroness Mary Vetsera

By Bunny Paine-Clemes
December 2011
Book Guild
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9781846245961
207 pages
$36.95 Hardcover

He's been her obsession throughout her young life. Yet to seventeen yearold Marie Vetsera, he is more than that - he is her destiny. But Crown Prince Rudolf of Austro-Hungary - heir to the throne, a man of the world, much older than Marie and disease-ravaged from his indisciminate liaisons - moves in the upper circles of society to which she, of minor aristocracy, can barely aspire.

Through sheer stubbornness, however - and maybe a touch of the spoiled child who has always got everything she wanted - the girl succeeds in making a fateful meeting with him happen; an encounter that leads to a passionate, not-so-secret affair, one makred, on her side at least, by total adoration.

But all is not right in his world. There is a darker side to Rudolf's life, in which he ultimately sees only one way out. Is is the only way that will ensure the lovers can be together forever.

By love united until death.


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