Grand Matches of Cricket Played in England 1771 to 1791

By David R. Allen
August 2008
J.W. McKenzie
ISBN: 9780947821012
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
104 pages
$60.00 Hardcover

This title includes full scores of important matches played between 1771 and 1791. "Epps'" was not the first publication of scores of 'grand' matches of cricket. As explained in his "Apology", this book was a supplement to the 'regular annual publication, by Mr Britcher...'. "Epps" set out to record details of the principal matches omitted from Britcher's scores, with notes on some of the games. Although many important matches are omitted, Arthur Haygarth informed Ashley-Cooper that, but for "Epps'" work, "Volume I of Cricket Scores and Biographies" would not have been nearly complete as it is. This is a facsimile reprint of this very rare book, first published in 1799, with a new frontispiece and a new introduction by David R Allen.

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