Classic Case Studies in Psychology, 2nd edition

By Geoff Rolls
May 2010
Hodder Education
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9781444104899
193 pages, Illustrated
$57.50 Paper Original

Have you heard about the man who lived with a hole in his head? Or the boy raised by his parents as a girl? From the woman with multiple personalities, to the man with no brain, this collection of case studies provides a compelling insight into the human mind. This is a fascinating collection of human stories. Some are well-known case studies that have informed clinical practice, others are relatively unknown. For this edition, Rolls has added recent research findings on each case study plus four brand new cases: the story of Washoe, the ape who could communicate; the much debated case of Holly Ramona and repressed memory; and Kim Peek, the real 'Rainman'.

Classic Case Studies in Psychology is for everyone who has ever wondered about the stranger side of life. No prior knowledge of psychology is required, just an open mind. For those who wish to use this book as part of their studies, or who are just keen to learn more, fun multiple choice questions, fascinating further reading, helpful web links, and self-assessment questions are all available free on our website, Prepare to be amazed ...

Table of Contents:
Part 1: Cognitive Psychology
The man who couldn’t forget: the story of Solomon Shereshevsky (‘S’)
The man with no past: the story of Henry M (‘HM’)
The man who was disappointed by what he saw: the story of S.B.
Kim Peek: The real Rain Man
Holly Ramona and the nature of memory
Part 2: Social Psychology
The girl who cried murder: the story of Catherine ‘Kitty’ Genovese
Part 3: Developmental psychology
Innocence lost: the story of Genie
The boy who was never a girl: the story of David Reimer
The Wild Boy of Aveyron: the story of Victor
Two little boys: The story of Little Albert and Little Peter
Part 4: Individual differences
The boy who needed to play: the story of Dibs
The man who was turned on by prams and handbags
Freud’s analysis of phobia in a young boy: the story of Little Hans
The three faces of Eve: the story of Chris Sizemore
The boy who couldn’t stop washing: a story of OCD
Part 5: Physiological psychology
The men who didn’t sleep: the story of Peter Tripp and Randy Gardner
The man who lived with a hole in his head: The story of Phineas Gage
The man with no brain?
Part 6: Comparative psychology
Talking to the animals: Washoe and Roger Fouts

About the Author(s):
Geoff Rolls is Lecturer in psychology at Peter Symonds College, Winchester


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