Student Book 1

By Gwen Berwick & Sydney Thorne
May 2004
ISBN: 0-7487-7847-0
Illustrated, For Ages 11-16
$32.50 paper original

Voilą! is the French course for the Key Stage 3 National Framework. Voilą! is a four-stage course covering all requirements up to Key Stage 4. At Key Stage 4 the course is particularly appropriate for the AQA specifications.

Covers the objectives of the National Framework for Modern Foreign Languages and the latest teaching requirements. Provides clear practice and progression: grammar, language skills and learning strategies are introduced in context and practiced thoroughly before moving onto the next stage. Is divided in 12 short structured units to facilitate a skills-based approach (e.g. key language structures and high frequency words are introduced and recycled across topics).

Encourages independent learning and self-assessment (e.g. end-of-unit summaries providing an overview of the language structures, grammar and skills practiced in each unit. Offers opportunities for formative and summative assessment in both the Resource and Assessment File and the workbooks. Incorporates further reading and revision opportunities both in the workbooks and a dedicated reading section in the Students' Book. Provides full differentiation through stepped activities and a self-access section in the Students' Book as well as differentiated workbooks.

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