Better English
Handle Everyday Situations With Confidence
3rd Edition

By Dorothy Massey
In-Focus, A Studymates Series
November 2005
Studymates, LTD.
ISBN: 1842850768
144 pages, Illustrated, 5 ¼” x 8 ½”
$29.50 paper original

Are you learning or improving your English? Do you need to improve your communication skills? This highly practical book starts with the premise that the only way to improve effective spoken English is to start practicing it in real-life situations. The Better English technique means that right from the start students are able to put their knowledge to use.

Topics include: everyday phrases, how to ask for help and information, how to book holidays and use public transport, visiting the doctor and/or hospital, how to deal with the bank, coping with the telephone and how to ask for help in emergencies. Key skills students will find it the ideal companion to work through the speaking and listening component of their course. This book explains: how to speak about yourself; social English; getting about and shopping; doctors and schools; getting a job; telephones and emergencies.

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