Nelson Thornes Framework
English 2 Skills in Fiction

By Geoff Reilly & Wendy Wren
September 2003
Nelson Thornes, UK
ISBN: 0-7487-6947-1
$26.50 paper original

Covering all the Framework objectives using a clearly structured and rigorous approach, Nelson Thornes Framework English offers an attractive and dynamic route through the demands of the Framework for Teaching English, Years 7-9, laying particular emphasis on the basic skills of English in order to raise standards in writing. Using a twin-track approach with a student text covering fiction and non-fiction, each book provides 18 units of themed stimulus texts plus differentiated activities at word, sentence and text levels to meet the requirements of the Framework.

Encompassing a wide range of genres, styles and conventions, the activities allow for the incorporation of direct whole class teaching, group work and individual work placing emphasis on the development of extended writing. The teacher's guide offer suggestions for delivery of activities including starter activities and plenary suggestions, as well as homework and answers covering all 36 units. Detailed notes containing the National Literacy Strategy objectives are provided and the learning objectives and assessments are outlined.

The companion resource book provides copymasters at word, sentence and text levels plus anthology texts relating to each of the 36 units in the student books. Extra practice in the basic skills and writing frames for the extended tasks are provided to support students needing to progress from Level 3 to Level 4 in writing. The resource book includes practice papers in preparation for optional tests at Year 7.

Unit 1 Whodunnit?
1 The Adventure of the Speckled Band Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
2 The Scene of the Crime Colin Dexter
3 Hamlet William Shakespeare
Unit 2 The final frontier
1 The Martian Chronicles Ray Bradbury
2 A Space Oddity David Bowie
3 Star Wars - The Phantom Menace George Lucas
Unit 3 Water, water everywhere
1 'Blessing' Imtiaz Dharker
2 Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea Jules Verne
3 The Stowaway Julian Barnes
Unit 4 We had fed the heart on fantasies
1 Just Imagine Anitra L Freeman
2 The Fellowship of the Ring J R R Tolkien
3 Monkeyman
Unit 5 Green grass, running water
1 The Sacrifice Diane Matchek
2 'House Made of Dawn' The Navajo Night Chant
3 The Sioux who Married the Crow Chief's Daughter Marie L McLaughlin
Unit 6 Smiling damned villain
1 Big Al John Gardiner
2 Titus Alone Mervyn Peake
3 The Merchant of Venice William Shakespeare

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