Skills in Grammar & Style
Teacher's Guide

By Geoff Reilly
December 2004
ISBN: 0748777962
392 pages, Illustrated, AGES: 11-14
$75.00 paper original

Each double page spread starts with explanatory text to help students complete the tasks which follow. There are three levels of activities: Focus tasks for the lower attainers, Investigation tasks to further challenge students, and Extension tasks for the more able students. Assessment can be monitored at regular intervals in check-up units in the Students' Book and in Assessment Copymasters in the Resource Book. Nelson Thornes Framework English Skills in Grammar and Style also comprises one Resource Book containing differentiated Copymasters for further practice in both skills. Hint boxes on the Copymasters help students understand the tasks. Teachers are supported through a Teacher's Guides. Each Students' Book double spread is reproduced at the start of the notes for each unit for easy reference. The Teacher's Guide also contains solutions to the Copymaster questions and a glossary of grammatical terms at the beginning of the book for easy reference.

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