Child Development Theory & Practice, 2nd edition


By: Jonathan Doherty & Malcolm Hughes
February 2016
Pearson Education
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9781292001012
496 Pages
$92.50 Paper original


The second edition of Child Development: Theory and Practice 0-11 has been fully revised and updated while retaining the authoritative, accessible and well structured writing style that proved popular in the first edition. The text is infused with the authors’ passion and enthusiasm for the subject and their anecdotes provide engaging real-life examples of child development in practice.


Part 1 Introducing Child Development

1 Issues in Child Development

2 Theories of Child Development

3 Research Methods

4 Nature and Nurture

Part 2 Early and Physical Development

5 Prenatal Development

6 Neonatal Behaviour and Learning

7 The Body and Physical Growth

8 Sensory and Perceptual Development

Part 3: Cogintive and Social Development

9 Cognitive Development

10 Language Development

11 Emotions and Personality

12 The Social and Moral World of the Child