Priority Passage
A Story of Humor & Luck

By Joseph Smilg
December 2005
Book Guild
ISBN: 1857769317
166 pages, 5 1/2 x 8 3/4"
$25.95 Hardcover

Here is a most entertaining story of fascinating experiences and anecdotes set against the background of major 20th Century event, which the author describes with admirable brevity. The author's crisp, lighthearted style ranges from incisive wit to uproarious farce, reminiscent of the Marx Brothers.

A wide variety of subjects are covered, such as: a trillion marks for a loaf of bread; German Jews and Asiatic hordes; rise of the Nazi vote; the Nuremberg Laws; a friendly Gestapo meeting; a happy eccentric in Tel Aviv; Roman debauchery and the best brothel in Jaffa; priority passage to England; the joys of Yiddish theatre; how to build a travel empire; the trauma of marriage; American visitors; Jack the Ripper; Cadillac mugging; Knights of Columbus; Bombed by the IRA; surviving a hotel fire.

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