Doctor Faustus

By Christopher Marlowe
April 2010
Hodder Education
Distrubuted by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9780340987841
126 pages
$24.50 Paper Original

Each guide comprises three sections:
an Introduction, which outlines the aims of the guide, the relevant exam board specification and Assessment Objectives
Text Guidance, which gives coverage of key aspects of the text
Questions and Answers, which focuses on the various types of essay questions and offers specifmen plans and sample answers, together with mark schemes

Table of Contents:
Marlowe’s birthplace: Canterbury
Life and works of Christopher Marlowe
The theatre
The Renaissance
Renaissance magic
The Faust legend
The play on stage
Critical history
Marlowe’s language
Scene summaries and notes
Character notes
Faustus: ‘This learned man’
Mephistopheles: ‘sweet friend’ or ‘accursed spirit’?
Theme I: Magic and the supernatural
Theme II: Condemnation or celebration?
Imagery and symbolism
The seven deadly sins
Faustus’s final soliloquy
The Chorus
‘Tragicall History’
Gothic elements
Audience reactions
Significant differences in the B text
Literary terms and concepts
Selected literary criticism
Questions and Answers
Essay questions, specimen plans and notes
Sample essays
Further study

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