Nursing Care
An Essential Guide

By Linda Field
January 2009
Prentice Hall
Distrubuted by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9780131976528
336 pages
$62.50 Paper Original

This book is designed to help students develop a proactive approach tp the assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation of the care they give. The contents of the book can be applied to all branches of nursing and to all environments where patients are nursed, whether in hospital, at home or care homes.


Chapter 1 - Introduction

Including what is essential care, the Gov 'essence of care' toolkit for best practice for giving basic care, reflective practice and the single assessment process.

Chapter 2 - Dignity and Privacy

Including dignity and privacy, importance of good communication, discrimination and abuse.

Chapter 3 - Food and Nutrition

Including nutrition and dysphagia swallowing

Chapter 4 - Personal Hygiene

Including personal hygiene, planning care and prevention of infection.

Chapter 5 - Fluid Balance and Continence care

Including importance of fluid balance, promotion of continence and faecal elimination.

Chapter 6 - Rehabilitation and Self care

Including rehabilitation, promotion of self care and mobilisation

Chapter 7 - Basic observations

Including pulse, temperature and respirations.

Chapter 8 - Pain

Including assessment and management of pain.

Chapter 9 - Record Keeping

Including record keeping and safe and effective practice

Chapter 10 - Pressure Ulcers

including  what is a pressure ulcer, prevention, assessment and management of pressure ulcers


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