Debrett's People of Today 2005, 18th Edition

Edited By Charles Mosley
March 2005
Debrett's Limited
ISBN: 187052025X
1927 pages, Illustrated, 8 " x 12"
$350.00 Hardcover

This is a comprehensive study of contemporary Britain's most notable and successful people. It contains biographical details of approximately 25,000 people from the entire spectrum of British society. The selection of entrants is made by the editorial staff of Debrett's and entries are reviewed annually to ensure accuracy and relevance. Entries include details of career, education, family, recreations and membership of clubs as well as contact addresses. An additional feature is the correct style of address to be used when addressing correspondence to an entrant.

The introductory pages contain useful information including Debrett's expert advice on precedence and correct forms of address. This guide also features a series of articles of current general interest written by selected prominent people. This is an indispensable reference book for any office, library or home.

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