Brilliant HTML5 & CSS3

By Josh Hill & James A. Brannen
September 2011
Pearson Education
Distrubuted by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9780273747123
300 pages, Illustrated
$67.50 Paper Original

1. Introduction to HTML

Gathering equipment – text editors and web browsers

Making sense of HTML – elements, tags and attributes

Basic structure of an HTML document

Creating your first HTML document with declarations, header, metadata and title

HTML comments

2. Web page structure with HTML5 tags

Adding HTML sections

Adding HTML articles

Creating HTML navigation

Creating an HTML sidebar

Creating an HTML content header

Creating an HTML footer

3. HTML text markup tags

Breaking text into paragraphs

Adding HTML headings

Formatting text with HTML

Creating an ordered list

Creating an unordered list

Creating a description list

Using HTML quotations

4. HTML hyperlinks

Understanding URLs

Using absolute URLs

Using relative URLs

Creating hyperlink anchors

Adding hyperlink targets

Creating a hyperlink to an e-mail address

5. Adding images to an HTML page

Adding images to a web page

Creating image links

Creating thumbnail image links

Creating an image map

Marking up an image as a figure

6. HTML tables

Creating an HTML table

Adjusting the padding and spacing in a table's cells

Creating table headings

Adding a caption to a table

Forming the body of a table

Spanning cells across rows and columns

Creating a table footer

7. HTML forms

Building a simple HTML form

Labelling HTML form controls

Adding buttons to an HTML form

Adding a selection box to an HTML form

Using HTML <input /> controls

Adding more HTML form controls

8. Using HTML attributes to tweak forms

Adding placeholder text in HTML form controls

Setting a field to autofocus

What doesn’t work

Some final thoughts on HTML5

9. CSS3 – what’s new?

Finding documentation on CSS

Finding out what’s new in CSS3

10. Introduction to CSS

Prepping for CSS

Understanding CSS code

Creating CSS comments

Understanding classes and IDs

11. Specifying CSS styles

Creating an external style sheet

Creating an internal style sheet

Creating an inline style sheet

12. Setting borders with CSS

Adding a border to an element

Creating borders using separate lines

Creating rounded corners on a border

Using an image as a border

13. Formatting colours and backgrounds with CSS

Choosing a colour palette

Specifying CSS colours four ways

Setting foreground and background colours

Setting background images

14. Formatting fonts and text with CSS

Setting an element&anbsp; Setting an element’s font style

Setting a font's weight and size

Setting font properties by using the font declaration

Decorating text and changing case

Aligning text

Formatting text using word and letter spacing

Adding drop shadows to text

15. CSS margins, padding and element size

Setting an element's padding

Setting an element's margins

Setting relative width and height

Setting absolute width and height

16. Positioning elements using CSS

Positioning elements with float and clear

Absolute positioning of elements

Relative positioning of elements

Fixed positioning of elements

Layering elements using CSS

17. Some final thoughts on CSS

Creating a navigation bar from an ordered list

Setting sidebar properties

Cleaning up text and adding white space

Appendix 1: List of HTML tags used in this book

Appendix 2: List of CSS properties covered in this book

Appendix 3: CSS colour names and numeric values

Jargon buster

Troubleshooting guide

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