Threads of Colour

Edited By Martin Waller
December 2002
Andrew Martin International
ISBN: 0953004546
215 pages, Illustrated, 11 x 11 "
$68.50 hardcover

Textiles define civilizations as much as architecture, religion or language. From the morning of time, man has judged his fellow man by the fabrics he uses to dress himself and his home. Chinese silks, English flannel, Scots tartans, Hawaiian shirts, Indian saris all immediately identify a time and a place. In 4th century Imperial Rome, only the Emperor himself could wear purple and the manufacture of purple outside the royal dye works was a capital crime. Today we enjoy easy access to hundreds of textiles in hundreds of colors. This is an exhilarating luxury, as inconceivable for almost all man's existence as space travel was. It is a privilege we should cherish. In this book, Jamie Marshall's photographs capture not only the world's wondrous obsession with textiles and colors but also a flavor of what captivates designers - the joyous appeal of distant cultures and faraway lands.

Attempts to re-create the vibrant colours of the natural world have not always been easy - before the 19th century, "ultramarine blue was extracted from Lapis Lazuli. Vermilion was as costly as gold." Behind the unassuming black cover of this book is a vivid celebration of the world of colour, from an Indian man's bright yellow turban to the delicate silvery-blue of a pile of small fish. This is a fascinating look at the long relationship between mand and colour, looking at the art, textiles and natural influences of different cultures around the world through a series if captivating pictures by travel photographer Jamie Marshall. - Wanderlust

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