Good Practice in Childminding
A Handbook for the Diploma in Home-based Childcare
3rd Edition

By Christine Hobart and Jill Frankel
November 2006
Nelson Thornes
Distrubuted by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 0748797645
322 pages, Illustrated, 7½ x 9¾"
$52.50 Paper Original

Completely revised and updated. Good Practice in Childminding is an essential resource for caretakers and nannies, providing a sound foundation upon which care practices can be developed to work safely and professionally with young people.

This text covers the CACHE Level 3 Diploma in Home-based Childcare (DHC) curriculum. Each chapter is also mapped to the National Standards to help guide childminders through the Ofsted regulations and inspections.

Chapter 1. Childminding as a career
Chapter 2. Relationships with parents
Chapter 3. The needs of children
Chapter 4. Children's development and learning
Chapter 5. Understanding children's behaviour
Chapter 6. Caring for babies and toddlers
Chapter 7. Caring for the school-age child
Chapter 8. The safe environment
Chapter 9. Disabled children
Chapter 10. The sick child
Chapter 11. Child protection
Chapter 12. Communication skills
Chapter 13. Observing and assessing children
Chapter 14. The business side of childminding
Chapter 15. A return to learning

Appendix A. Development norms 0-16 years
Appendix B. Sequence of language development
Appendix C. NCMA article, Prepare for self-assessment
Appendix D. NCMA registered childminding contract

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