Religion & Human Experience
Revision Guide

By Gavin Craigen & Joy White
February 2010
Hodder Education
Distrubuted by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9781444107609
86 pages, Illustrated
$19.50 Paper Original

Endorsed by WJEC, this title has been written to support students revising for unit 2 in the WJEC GCSE Religious Studies specification B, and accompanies the fully revised and updated 'Believing and Experiencing' student textbook.

It supports students' knowledge and understanding of the course content and gives them confidence in revising for the examination.
It includes:
* a summary of the key content and concepts that students need to learn for each topic
* a clear breakdown of the arguments for and against different issues which students needs to know to gain the higher marks
* exam tips which give guidance on what the examiner is looking for
* practice examination questions.

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Table of Contents:
1 Religion and Conflict
2 Religion and Medicine
3 Religious Expression
4 Authority - Religion and State
5 Suffering and Evil
1. Religion and Conflict
The Big Picture
Religious teachings about peace
How can good relationships be developed?
Conflict and war
What do religions teach about conflict and war?
Can a war ever be 'just'?
Attitudes to non-violent protest
Individuals or communities working for peace
How can different religions support peace by talking to each other?
How important is forgiveness?
Is forgiveness possible?
The nature of suffering
Religious teachings on suffering
Support for those suffering
2. Religion and Medicine
The Big Picture
Why is life so special?
The Sanctity of Life
Medical and ethical decisions? Scientific advancements?
How does a religion help or hinder people making decisions?
Should people have free will to make life/death decisions?
How do doctors make ethical decisions?
Whose choice is it? Abortion
Is it ever right to end someone's life?
IVF (In-vitro fertilisation)
3. Religious Expression
The Big Picture
Ways faith can be expressed
How can beliefs drive actions?
Expressing faith through what is worn
Why worship in special buildings?
Symbolism in places of worship
What makes a journey special?
Attitudes to pilgrimage
Sharing faith with others
4. Authority - Religion and State
The Big Picture
Why should we obey authority?
Religious teachings about duty
Aims and purposes of punishment
Capital punishment
Religious attitudes to punishment
The role of sacred texts
What happens when authorities clash?
What if the authority is wrong?
Working for human rights
Level of Response Grids


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