The Story of a Much-Travelled Cat

By Helen Harris
October 2011
Book Guild
ISBN: 9781846245442
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
38 pages, Illustrated
$19.95 Hardcover

Tabitha is a cat who has had an interesting life. As a kitten she came to live with Mistress Jane in Kent, where she learned to hunt and play in the apple orchards. For nine years she didn?t have a care in the world. Then everything changed, when Mistress Jane had to go and work in America. She just couldn?t bear to part with her furry friend, so Tabitha found herself being transported from Kent to Heathrow, and then all the way across the Atlantic to Michigan, and later Connecticut. She discovered the joy of chasing chipmunks instead of field mice, and learned to love the coolness of air-conditioning in the summer months. After seven happy years in America, Mistress Jane returned to the UK. Of course Tabitha had to come with her ? another journey across the Atlantic, and another new home to settle into. But Tabitha takes it all in her stride.

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