Forensic & Criminal Psychology

By Dennis Howitt
May 2002
Prentice Hall / Pearson Education
ISBN: 0-13-016985-4
400 Pages, Illustrated
$72.50 paper original


This book provides a thorough introduction to the major issues and findings of modern forensic and criminal psychology. The lively text is designed to maximize its practical usefulness to students of the field at any level. It is the most comprehensive single volume covering the broadest range of issues from the childhood of offenders through to assessing risk of future offending.

All stages of the process are covered, including police psychology, investigative psychology, interviewing, judges and juries, prison and many other topics. Defines the field of forensic and criminal psychology. Emphasizes relevant theory. Explains major practitioner issues. Includes boxes to supplement the main text. Gives detailed descriptions of important research . Provides international coverage reflecting the interest of psychologists in the field worldwide. Suitable for students from a variety of backgrounds

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