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Il Principe Mendicante: Photographic Tribute
to St. Francis Caracciolo

[In English & Italian]

Edited By Luigi Spina and Cesare de Seta
October 2007
Mondadori Electa, Milan, Italy
Distributed By Trans-Atlantic Publications
131 Pages, Illustrated, 9 3/4 x 12"

$57.50 Hardcover

The book, produced at the Jubilee Caracciolino, intends to rely on the theme of travel between history, art, landscape and faith to retrace the places where St. Francis Caracciolo (1563-1608), founder of the Clerics Regular Minor (Caracciolini fathers) lived and worked and left all his possessions, his ambitions and his social position to devote himself entirely to the service of God. Using language as an elective black and white and with the help of archival material and evidence, the photographer Luigi Spina reconstructs the path of holiness between Naples and Rome. Finally leaving the major urban areas leads the reader on a journey into the landscape at Villa Santa Maria (CH), place of birth of the saint, and Agnone (IS) his place of death.

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