Social Anthropology
A concise introduction for students

By Alan Barnard
December 2000
Studymates Ltd.
ISBN: 1-84285-000-8
160 pages, illustrated
$26.50 paper original


Social Anthropology is now widely taught both as a subsidiary subject and as a degree course. This guide is designed to meet the needs of all Social Anthropology students, whether they are studying the field as part of a Sociology curriculum, or as part of a wider Anthropology programme, or as a distinct subject. It lists and defines all the basic concepts, explains theories simply and clearly, and provides numerous study hints. It contains concise factual information and is authoritative and up-to-date.

Foreword: Professor Tim Ingold
  Syllabus checklist
  1    Studying social anthropology
  2    Ethnography: writing about peoples
  3    Ecology: environment & technology
  4    Economics: production & distribution
  5    Politics & law: power & social control
  6    Belief, ritual and symbolism
  7    Sex, gender and family

  8    Kinship: terminology, descent & alliance
  9    Applied and development anthropology 
  10  Anthropological theory
  Further reading and reference
  Useful addresses
  Web sites for students

Author biography:
Alan Barnard BA MA PhD is Reader in Social Anthropology at the University of Edinburgh, and Associate Dean in the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Edinburgh. He is the author of numerous books including Hunters and Herders of South Africa (Cambridge University Press).

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