Duke of Hazard
The Wit & Wisdom of Prince Philip

By Phil Dampier
August 2006
Book Guild
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9781846240690
93 pages, Illustrated
$19.95 Cloth

Prince Philip is one of a kind! Armed with a down-to-earth view on life and a magnificent sense of humor, he has spent more than half a century delighting and entertaining us with acerbic asides and right royal faux pas.

As royal consort, forever at the Queen's side - and ofter a few paces behind her! - this plain speaking, no-nonsense ex-naval commander is as renoned for his remarkable 'gift for the gaffe' as for his distinguished service to Crown and country,

Now in the first ever comprehensive collection of the Iron Duke's notorious one-liners, veteran Fleet Street royal reporters Phil Dampier and Ashley Walton get to grips with the original Duke of Hazard, the prince of the put down who is never afraid to speak his mind.

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