OCR Business Studies for GCSE, 2nd edition

By Peter Kennerdell, Alan Williams & Mike Schofield
June 2009
Hodder Education
ISBN: 9780340983492
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
405 pages, Illustrated
$56.00 Paper original

OCR Business Studies for GCSE, 2nd edition, is endorsed by OCR for use with the GCSE Business Studies specification. This new edition of the popular and bestselling textbook is completely revised to meet the requirements of the new OCR specification. Written by three highly experienced authors and examiners, it covers all elements of the specification and includes support for the controlled assessment requirements.

Written in a lively and accessible manner and packed with images and illustrations, the book will motivate and prepare students giving them the best chance of success.

Key features:

* Numerous activities and exercises for classroom and homework use
* A range of activity levels ensure that the text is suitable for candidates of all ability levels
* Lots of real-life case studies and examples to motivate and engage students
* Exam style questions and tips from examiners help to prepare students for the exam
* An accompanying Dynamic Learning Network Edition DVD-ROM (ISBN: 9780340983485) is also available, offering a huge range of interactive classroom support.

Table of Contents:
Part 1: Marketing and enterprise
Introductory activity
Requirements of the Controlled Assessment
Analysing the market
Market research and data collection
The marketing mix
Place and e-commerce
Business planning
Part 2: Business and people
Introductory activity
Requirements of the examination
Types of business activity
Business objectives and the role of stakeholders
Organisation, growth and location of business
Sole proprietors and partnerships
Private and public limited companies
Other types of business organisation
Employment and retention
Employment law and trade unions
Organisation and communication
Part 3: Production, finance and external business environment
Introductory activity
Requirements of the examination
Types and control of production
Quality and productivity
Revenues, costs and break-even
Sources of finance
Cash flow
External business environment
Business ethics
Environmental influences on business
Government and business - demand
Government and business - supply
The European Union




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