Here Today, Gone Tomorrow: A Life in Dance

By Christina Gallea Roy
July 2012
Book Guild
ISBN: 9781846246906
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
338 pages, Illustrated
$37.95 Hardcover

An Australian ballerina and a German dancer-choreographer meet while rehearsing with an American ballet company ahead of a European tour. This chance encounter sets the scene for a lifelong partnership, and the couple literally dance their way around the world. 

After studying with famous teachers in London and in Paris, Christina Gallea and Alexander Roy had the opportunity to join several international ballet companies as principal dancers, working with leading choreographers and directors.They then decided to go it alone, to follow an independent path, and set off in an overloaded Volkswagen Beetle to tour Europe with their own recital programme, made up of classical pas de deux, as well as new and original works. The success of this venture led to the formation of a ballet company, International Ballet Caravan, performing across Europe in the tradition of travelling players, then, once they had found a base in London, establishing itself as Alexander Roy London Ballet Theatre. 

This independent company toured the UK and worldwide for 34 years, mounting their own unique productions to perform not only in London, Paris and New York, but also in the ornate opera houses of Europe, high schools in the US Midwest, open-air stages in Asia, and a vintage theatre 9,000 feet up in the Andes. 

Christina recounts the highs, lows and peculiar challenges of life on the road - how they almost got washed away during a storm in southern France, narrowly escaped revolution in South America, and survived being mugged in the Philippines, a fire, and run-ins with the East German police. 

Mixing personal anecdote with fascinating insights into an exciting period of dance history, from the post-war years right up to the year 2000, this lively account captures the spirit of this most transient of art forms.

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