Educational Psychology
The Impact of Psychological Research on Education

By Lisa Marks Woolfson
August 2011
Pearson Education
Distrubuted by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9780273729198
286 pages, Illustrated
$67.50 Paper Original

This new text provides an engaging and stimulating introduction to the central concepts, themes and ongoing research in educational psychology today.

Education Psychology clearly and concisely presents the key ideas, but equally encourages undergraduate and postgraduate psychology students to go beyond the text to read primary sources, and to develop an awareness of the controversies, complexities, and unresolved issues in a topic area.

At the heart of the text is also an emphasis on developing the skills of how to read and use journal articles and how to critically evaluate sources of information.

Section 1 Introduction

1 How to use this book

2 What is educational psychology?

3 How to read journal papers critically

Section 2 Psychology research at classroom level

4 Managing behaviour

5 Autistic spectrum disorders

6 School refusal behaviour

Section 3 Psychology research at school level

7 Improving literacy

8 Bullying

9 Inclusive education of children with special needs

Section 4 Educational psychology research beyond the school

10 Eradicating disadvantage in preschoolers

11 Parenting children with developmental disabilities

12 Neuroscience and education


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