Introducing Sociological Theory

By Darren O'Byrne
August 2011
Pearson Education
Distrubuted by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9781408203880
266 pages
$52.50 Paper Original

Introducing Sociological Theory offers a comprehensive, navigable and highly readable introduction to the main schools of thought in sociology, along with the philosophical ideas that underpin them. 8 broad theoretical traditions, or perspectives, are explained helping you to recognize the scope and range of sociological theory and to think sociologically and see the social world in different ways. The author skilfully and revealingly engages with each theoretical perspective showing what it actually means, why it utilises certain concepts over others, and how it generates and derives from evolving traditions of sociological thought.

Introducing Sociological Theory is an essential text for all sociology students and of key interest more broadly within the social sciences and humanities.

1 Introduction: the history of sociological theory

2 Functionalism

3 Conflict Theory

4 Marxism

5 Feminism

6 Exchange Theory

7 Interactionism

8 Ethnomethodology

9 Structuralism

10 Conclusion: The Present and Future of Sociological Theory






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