Magic in Tea Leaves
How to Read the Future in Tea Leaves

By Amber McCarroll
April 2004
Book Guild
ISBN: 1-85776-802-7
42 pages, Illustrated, 5" x 7"
$16.95 Paper Original

When we spin the tea-leaves around the bottom of our cup and look at the circular pattern that they have formed, could we be revealing a thrilling moment in destiny? Reading the tea-leaves is an ancient and intuitive experience - even the most logically minded, cynical people can find a shape or symbol in the pattern of wet leaves in their morning teacup if they look long enough.

It acts as a pictorial short hand for the subconscious and everyone can benefit from developing the forgotten skill of tasseology. This fun book, produced by the renowned Tea Council, includes guides on preparing a teacup and a tea-tray for a reading, instructions on reading a tea-bag, and a comprehensive dictionary of symbols.

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