Creative Activities & Ideas for Pupils with
English as an Additional Language

Classroom Gems

By Maggie Webster
December 2011
Longman / Pearson Education
Distributed by the Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9781408267776
258 Pages
$37.50 Paper original

Creative Activities for Teaching Pupils with English as an Additional Language is a unique collectionof 150 enjoyable and inspiring games and activities to help support learners of English as an Additional Language (EAL) in the inclusive classroom. This bank of ideas will support you in helping newly arrived pupils settle into their class and school, and are easy to integrate into your planning to support your learners across the curriculum.

Designed with busy teachers in mind, the Classroom Gems series draws together an extensive selection of practical, tried-and-tested, off-the-shelf ideas, games and activities, guaranteed to transform any lesson or classroom in an instant.

Easily navigable, allowing you to choose the right activity quickly and easily, these invaluable resources are guaranteed to save you time and are a must-have tool to plan, prepare and deliver first-rate lessons.





Chapter 1: How to teach pupils with English as an Additional Language

Who is identified as EAL?

Stages of language Acquisition

How do you teach EAL pupils?

Immersion verses Bilingualism

What is the fastest method?

How do we support EAL learners in the multi-lingual classroom?

How to use Cummins’ framework

How to ensure learning is context embedded and cognitively demanding

The importance of Differentiation (GOTOS)

10 Top Tips

Chapter 2: First Days and Weeks: Ideas for When an EAL pupil first arrives in class


Lost in Translation!



Simon helps to Survive the System!

School Systems

Singing Solutions!

Find a name!

Find someone who...

What’s my present?

Mirror, Mirror

This is the word!

Express yourself!

Who’s who?

Chapter 3: Activities and ideas for social and cultural integration


Playground games


Song - Oranges and Lemons

Song - Ring a ring of roses!

Skipping song – Teddy Bear

Skipping song – Miss Susie had a baby!

Song – The Farmer in the dell!

‘What’s the time Mr Wolf?’ repetitive rhyme

Stuck in the mud!

Duck Duck Goose

Who took the Cookie?

Telephone song

Queenie I

Wet play games and Activities

Snakes and ladders

Matching jigsaw

Language Snap!

Happy Families

Word search


Story tapes

Routines and codes of behaviour


Take Me home

All about me!

Rights and Responsibilities

Visual Timetable

Song - This is the way we...

Chapter 4:Activities and ideas for verbal communication


Talk tokens

Expert groups

Remember, Remember



Yeah, but...

Listen up!

Any Questions?

The Teacher’s dog

Rainbow Groups

Mime the job

Story Cloak

Describing definitions

Call My Bluff!


Talk dolls


Corner running

Circle Time

Record my story


Sing to remember!

Chapter 5:Activities and ideas for written communication


The pen is mine!

Words and Pictures

Hunt the Fish

Jigsaw a Letter

Writing Frames

Sequencing a story

Sentence Starters

The Writing is on the Wall!

Question Bombing!

Moving Mobiles

Mix and Match!

Label the classroom

Venn Diagram

What’s my word?

Letter Ladders

Word finder

Discussing drama to help writing

Adjective, Noun, Verb

Kung Fu Punctuation

Chapter 6: Activities and Ideas for interactive learning and teaching


English – Buzz off!

English – Word Wheel

English – Discuss and Decide!

Mathematics – Buzz Fizz! Fizz Buzz!

Mathematics – XOXO

Mathematics – Guess my hand!

Science – Classification

Science – Language Lab coat

Science – Make a floating compass

ICT – Crazy Talk!

ICT – Interactive Teaching Programmes

History – Let’s Pretend!

History – Archaeological Artefacts

Geography – Gardening Glory

Geography – Where is it from?

PE – Be a Bean!

PE – Peer Perfect

Art and DT – Making clothes

Art and DT – Drawing Blindfolded

Art and DT – Squiggle Stories

Music – Walking with Sound

Music – Sing out like a bell!

Religious Education – Filmed Footage

Religious Education – Question Time

Religiuous Education – Loop game!

Further Reading

Appendix – Musical Score and lyrics

o Heads and Shoulders

o Orangesand Lemons

o Ring a Ring of Roses

o Teddy Bear

o Miss Susie

o Farmer in the dell

o Sing to Remember

o Telephone song

o This is the way we...

o Writing Frames


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